Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Programme
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Cultural Tourism Activities

Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tourism offers a series of different activities that natural environment can afford along with traditional and culture of the indigenous. There are mixtures of Iraqw and Maasai tribes which are the dominant and other small tribes that are surrounding the area.

The nature walk:

This tour takes you to the lake shore of Lake Manyara and we are hoping that you will manage to make it to the lake shore without being interrupted with other beautiful activities that are on the way.

Village Walks:

This tour will take you to different villages and bring you to different cultures and traditional activities. You will have time to explore traditional houses, traditional food and drinks as well as normal daily activities of different communities. Amazingly you will learn different roles of a woman in African society.

Bike Tour

It’s your turn now to leave a four wheel drive vehicle and start your mountain bike riding across and/or around the Rift Valley escarpment and experience different view of its landscape. This is among the popular tour as it gives tourists a chance to explore different places in a shorter time without using a vehicle.

Market Tour:

The market tour is such a lovely activity that can be conducted on Thursday of each week and on 22nd of each month whereby the monthly auction of cattle and other stuff is done. Delicious barbeque well prepared is awaiting you to test if you are lucky to perform this tour.

Home staying

It actually needs some more time comparing with other activities but you properly get involved with daily activities of certain families. You will learn how people live which includes cooking on traditional cookers, milking cow or goat, cattle grazing and much more. A day or two is okay for this kind of tour.

Traditional Foods & Drinks:

Explore the traditional food and drinks that people usual takes. African local dishes are prepared in different ways such that one product can be used to prepare different dishes. Like banana can be used as cooked food, preparing local brew and as fruit just a few to mention.

Rift Valley Hiking

Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Programme is located at the base of Great East African Rift Valley escarpment which crosses from many different countries worldwide. The escarpment is rested on the western side as you arrive at Mto Wa Mbu. Spending some time to hike this area makes most of the visitor fit and enjoys the nature and landscape view.

Selela Forest Hiking

Most of the people who take this tour enjoy the panorama of the botanic forest. It is your high time to explore the natural vegetation and experience the ever green that surround of Lake Manyara National Park round the year.

Maasai Boma visits

This tour is specifically for visiting the Maasai Boma and learns their culture. It is among the popular tours in the northern Tanzania as well as the neighboring country of Kenya. The way Maasai lives is lovely and quite an experience. Come and see how they live with wildlife without interruption as well as their daily activities let along their nomadic ways of life. We have also managed to conduct traditional Maasai marriages, that you come with your fiancé and we conduct a traditional Maasai marriage or if you are lucky you can find the Maasai getting married and get involved on the part.

School visiting

We normally take visitors to the primary schools that are around our working area. By doing that we have managed to open a new venture between students and visitors. This interchange has brought in some positive response such as volunteers, donors, and sponsorship to both school premises or to the individual student. However, it gives visitors an overview of what kind of education we are going through and what are the challenges that both teachers and students experience.


A day to Engaruka ruins and Lake Natron:

You will have a day that will explore to an old city of more than 500 years and learn much about that town. From there you will drive further to Lake Natron the alkaline lake that accommodates hundred thousand pink flamingos and pelican birds. A kilometer from the Lake shore is another centre for old foot prints of the human dated long time ago but not old than those of Olduvai Gorge. This makes historians to believe that the family had moved from Olduvai toward this area and shows that the family had grew.


Walk with the locals, talk to the locals, live with them and share with them the experience. Learn the greatest things they do on their daily basis and get the filling of Mto wa Mbu.


More than 100 types of local foods and drinks just form one location. it is an experience of the locals and the taste of its own.


Enjoy the cultures of more than 120 tribes in Tanzania and most of them just situated in one place in a spectacular way