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Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Programme is among the local tourism enterprises located on the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. This enterprise is located some 120 kilometers away from Arusha city in a small popular town of Mto Wa Mbu before reaching Lake Manyara National Park. Mto Wa Mbu offers numerous numbers of activities and support to the community and proudly guide more than 1000 tourists each year.

Creativity Has No



Our History

Way back in 1992 we had a small curio shop where by our extreme visitors on the Northern Circuit use to buy some handcrafts and other related items as gifts when back home. We had some few questions such as how we made them and we show visitors step by step on how things where made possible. Days went on and game park tourism industry started to grow fast. Some visitors wanted not only buying curios but also to have a nature walk to the Lake shore of Manyara. From this point is where cultural tourism started slowly.

How it started

In the first incidents we were given tourists to take them to the Lake shore and end up with two groups of people who managed to reach on the shore and others didn’t.

The tourists who did it to the Lake shore are the once who were keen to reach the shore without been interrupted by any other activities along the way.

In percentage wise most visitors didn’t manage to visit the Lake shore due to the fact that along the way there were many astonishing landscape, natural vegetation as well as wonderful people a few to mention. Most visitors loved the welcoming people and the general life of Tanzanians and with time cultural tourism came in popularity. The Lake shore was thereafter an additional activity among many activities done when people visits Tanzania.

Funny issues

Initially when we were given tourists to guide them to Lake Shore most of the tour operators in Tanzania wanted their programmes to be perfectly implemented as shown on the itinerary to meet their standards. Time fact was a major problem as the maximum time given was three hours compare to what tourists wanted to explore. So when the time elapsed we had to take our extreme clients back to safari guides so they can continue with a daily programme. Question from safari guides “How was did you enjoy your lake shore guys?” Actually we didn’t manage to reach to the lake shore but we found some awesome things more than the lake shore.


In 2001 SNV came in operation and started introducing these activities as part of community based organization. SNV was established as the Stichting Nederlandse Vrijwilligers (Foundation of Netherlands Volunteers) in 1965, under the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The main objective of SNV was to organize these activities to different places of Tanzania that interesting tourists, having organizational structure so all the revenues collected from the tourists to be shared in the community development.

SNV Netherlands Development Organization is a non-profit, international development organization, established in the Netherlands in 1965. SNV aims to alleviate poverty by enabling increased income and employment opportunities and increasing access to basic services. The organization currently works in 36 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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